Music Monday: ‘Pretty People (Simlish Version),’ Dexter Freebish

Oh hell yes I’m putting down a game song for Music Monday!

Let’s be clear: I don’t know that much about Dexter Freebish or their(?) music.  Or even if ‘Dexter Freebish’ is the name of a single artist or a band.  I haven’t even Googled that far.

But when I came across this song whilst playing The Sims 2: University, I was freaking hooked.  Turns out I don’t like the original anywhere near as much as I dig this version.

The creation of music is a work of art, an act of expression, that ultimately adds that little bit more to the world (yes, even the really bad stuff).  To take that act of creation and adapt it to a fictional language with no set guidelines and barely any glossary (Simlish, in this case, the ‘tongue’ spoken by the Sims in all of the versions of the game of the same name), and still make it sound awesome, is no small feat.  While Pretty People is not the only extant song given the Simlish treatment, it is easily one of the best.

This is, it’s true, the kind of creativity that doesn’t get the credit it’s due.  Games are still viewed as silly things for kids who never grow up.  And maybe there’s a kernel of truth to that sentiment – from a particular point of view.

But if this is the kind of thing we get to rock out to, screw it.

Sul sul!