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Welcome to Ink-Stained Worlds.

…..About & Disclaimer…..

About the author, and the Inevitable Disclaimer
that nobody should actually need.


And In The End…
A story about a man who, after reaching the end of his life, finds someone waiting.
No age verification, but intermittent swearing, cranky old bastards, a Neil Gaiman reference and sporadic philosophy.

A Chicago woman’s first ski trip to Japan doesn’t quite go as expected.
Slight swearing, a bit of tasteful naughties, a lot of geography and mild horror.  No age verification.

The Cave
When one day a man finds himself in a strange misty place that seems oddly familiar and, yet, entirely mysterious, he discovers his feet taking him toward a certain cave.
No age verification.  Minor name-calling.  Mild medical yuckies.  Somewhat sad and a bit wistful.

Cedric Cooper, a computer analyst in Nova Scotia, has a monstrous time in an alley as he hurries to catch a train.
No age verification but there’s some scattered f-words and accents.

Steel Horse
A courier stops at a bar where the locals are dangerous, but another traveller is well-suited to deal with the threat.
Age verification required.  Genre: Modern Horror.  Trigger warnings: graphic violence, moderate profanity, moderate Roxette references.

Post-Pond Depression
Clara, recently introduced to the Doctor, has stepped out of her comfort zone.
No age verification.  Pretty clean.  Simple character interaction fan-fiction set at the start of The Rings of Akhaten.


A Book-Lover’s Poem

That Eventime

The Unhappy Page
(or, An Attempt at a Petrarchan Sonnet in Iambic Pentameter Whilst Dealing with Writer’s Block)

To Now, From Then

The Cat
(or, Until Then)

Lacey of Riverwood


…..Ink-Stained Blog…..

The author’s blog – thoughts, considerations and musings.


In Memorandum: a page for those who came before, those loved-ones that have been lost to us.


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