Music Monday: ‘Doctorin’ the TARDIS,’ KLF/The Timelords

Beautiful scenery.  Terrible effects.  Love it.

In honour of the commencement of Jodie Whittaker’s tenure as the Thirteenth Doctor, a flashback to this brilliant, iconic, awful piece of musical fan music.

The KLF were an electronic band in the UK, and it’s members… either released this as the Timelords, or were also producing music under that name independently of their KLF works.  I’m not sure and I’m not so invested as to feel the need to find out.  Hie thee to Google if you demand more info.

What this song was to me, however, was a terribly catchy, terribly enjoyable and, well, terribly terrible part of my youth.  It crashed into my awareness, unrepentant and brash, a powerful testimony to the act (and skill) of being able to fiercely love something and yet still be able to have a bit of fun with it.  Doctorin’ the TARDIS might be a dreadful mashup of sound clips and a rather blatant ripoff of a couple of other songs, but it is fun.  Honest, ridiculous fun.

And that’s all it needs to be.

I don’t, Gods forbid, present this as an example of good music.  It’s a reminder to those Doctor Who fans out there to check yourselves and ask the question: am I taking this too seriously?  Can I still have fun with it?  Can I expect solid programming out of Doctor Who and still genuinely enjoy it just for the sake of what it is, right now, today?

One of the core themes of the show is change.  If you can’t let it change, if you have to fight and bemoan and wail about it, are you really a fan of the show – the whole show – or are you just a fan of the small part with which you are most familiar?

Merry Music Monday, folks, and congratulations to Jodie Whittaker and the whole Doctor Who crew.  So far I’m loving it.