Music Monday: ‘Dragonborn,’ Skar

‘Dragonborn,’ Skar

When I first booted up Skyrim by Bethesda Software, the most recent Elder Scrolls game at the time, it was with the understanding that I would most likely dislike the game.  I’ve no long-standing connection to the game series, you see, as I was bored by its predecessors.

This game, though, caught me from the very start with its title music.

Do not, for a moment, get me wrong: the game has issues.  The chief of these are addressed most efficiently, as is generally true of Bethesda games, by the modding community rather than the company itself.  Patches abound for mechanics tweaks, UI changes, bug fixes, mesh enhancements and countless more.

It seems just, therefore, that its title music should be treated to the same fan-propelled alteration.

I know next to nothing about Skar, but this track is incredible.  Its power is undeniable and suits perfectly a modern take on the warrior-culture of the Nord inhabitants of the game’s titular nation.

Listen in good health.