The Ink-Stained Blog

Welcome to the Ink-Stained Blog.

Here you’ll find the musings, addled and otherwise, of the author’s semi-deranged mind.

At any time you might find content here worth reading.  Anything I think might be worth writing down could end up here – discussions on the inspiration for various stories, movies I’ve watched recently, books I’ve read, things I’ve listened to and so on.

This blog isn’t the focal point of Ink-Stained Worlds, though.  It’s mostly a place to put unordered thoughts and talk about… things.  Primarily to myself.  I do that.

With that said, a few things to note.

As usual, be aware that the content in this blog (like the rest of the site) may be particularly unsuited to children.  If you suspect your children of accessing this site and you’re not pleased to do so then it’s your responsibility as a parent to do something about that.  I don’t really care what; that’s your business.

So, to refresh your memory:

This is a bigotry-free zone.  Don’t spread your hate around.  Nobody wants to see it.

Help keep this blog and site free of spam.  Don’t do it.  It just annoys everyone and makes you seem like a selfish, boorish jerk (which, if you’re spamming sites, you probably are).  I don’t care why you’re doing it or what you’re spamming.  Don’t do it here.

All content here is © Scott Thornby, 2013 (and any other appropriate year).  Please don’t steal any of it, but feel free to share it as long as you credit me as the author.

This is an LGBT-friendly site.  You’ll find, amongst other things, LGBT issues and topics here – in the blog and in the rest of the site.  Please don’t give me or anyone else a hard time about it.  I’ll just block you.

None of my stories are real.  Fiction is fictional.

Open your mind.  Some of what you read might be confronting.  The multitude of societies across the globe are in the depths of a very hard puberty and many issues that should be obvious are hot-button topics right now.  It’s very easy to slip into hidebound modes of thought.  Remember there’s a big wide world out there and just because someone is different doesn’t mean they’re necessarily bad.

In the rest of the site you’ll find many different characters with a wide variety of viewpoints and beliefs.  Right here, though, this is all me.  If I express an opinion in the Ink-Stained Blog then you can safely assume it’s actually mine (unless otherwise stated).  That is, after all, what this blog is for.

Since there are a lot of different issues that can come up please use these notes as a guideline.  I might at some point put formal terms of service up but I’d really prefer not to have to (mostly because they’re boring but partly because people see ‘ToS’ and their brains switch off).

Enjoy!  I hope you have a nice (or at least tolerable) time, free from non-consensual zombie attacks.