Music Monday: ‘Double Thread,’ The Orbweavers


A friend of mine recently suggested – or perhaps welcomed, or challenged, depending on your viewpoint – that I begin regularly posting a Music Monday entry to my blog.  She does the same and has found it helpful to have a regular blogging goal to which she can adhere.

I’m uncertain how to approach this without being too self-critical, so instead I’m not going to overthink it.  Music will be posted from Spotify unless I have a strong urge to throw in a video, in which case I’ll aim to share the artist’s official video from YouTube.

So here is my first entry: Double Thread, by Melbourne-based band, The Orbweavers.

Further thoughts under the cut.

My mother was a regular inspiration to me in thought, word and deed while she lived.  Now she remains so in memory.

This is all very fine and large, and more or less to be expected.  When someone has such a significant impact on your development, your life, then something like their death is hardly going to stop that influence.  It merely… changes it.

What I didn’t expect is that she might introduce me to new music even from the grave.

I was relaxing at my Dad’s place recently.  He has Mum’s iPad, which contains her whole music library (as well as his own musical tastes) and he leaves it playing on repeat most of the time.  Normally I only pay partial attention to this, as my tastes cleave far more to hers than to his, but I haven’t been through her entire collection and listened to all of it.  As a result, sometimes little gems appear.

The Orbweavers are one such gem.

A great deal about this music speaks to me – its ephemeral quality, the vocal technique, its poetic form, imagery and so on.  I had no idea, prior to hearing this song, that the Orbweavers even existed; I don’t keep abreast of any music scene, perhaps to my detriment, and instead stumble on songs incidentally and decide in the moment whether I enjoy them, whether they have relevance to me.

Double Thread resonated instantly.  I am still, to this day, exploring the reasons why.

Please, enjoy their work.  I know I do.