That Eventime

 Once upon a writing time
A rhyming time, a timing time
I found myself a-thinking of
The time I spent with you.

And then within that thinking time
That dreaming time, that deeming time
I couldn’t help but wonder
If my memories were true.

For caught within that sorrow time
A grieving time, that eventime
Were times that held the both of us
And bitter words we’d said.

And there, within that tallow time
Internal time, infernal time
I knew within my marrow that
The best of us was dead.

My memory plays tricks with time
Unfaithful and most wraithful time
Until your face is shrouded
And your voice from me has gone.

I wondered, in that torpid time
That listless time, that shiftless time
If begging moon and stars would bring
You back to me til dawn.

Now lost within a woeful time
Regretful time, forgetful time
The ones I mourn the passing of
Will fade to sand and dross.

And so, within my broken time
Lamenting time, repenting time
I sit as mem’ry falters
Leaving me with only loss.

— © Scott Thornby, 2013