Hello, ink-stained world!

Let the blogging commence!

Oh, the strange joy of a brand new blog. So much potential, so many words to be written, so many settings to tweak.

Of all the platforms I could be using I seem to be set on learning WordPress. I’m far more familiar with Blogger so bear with me while I upskill somewhat and make this weblog seem less… Well, boring.

Kay, I’ve rambled enough. To the point, then.

Be welcome to Ink-Stained Worlds.

Essentially, at the moment, it’s all very Under Construction and as I’m unfamiliar with WordPress there’s a lot of likelihood that things will change somewhere between ‘a little’ and ‘completely’.

Hopefully things will settle soon.

In essence this weblog is a place for me to post some of my short stories and writing scraps. I write in a number of different genres so what you’ll find here could be erratic and at times unfinished. Some of it might even be readable.

No doubt you’ve found your way here either with some idea of what sort of things I write or by complete accident. Either way you’re welcome and I hope you enjoy it. If you don’t, though, there are plenty of great places on the Internet where you’ll find quality writing of all kinds.

Do have a look around. You might even find poems if I feel brave enough to post them; some are very, very bad.

You’ll possibly note some influence in my writing. I’m very fond of Neil Gaiman, Sir Terry Pratchett and several others. My tastes vary but often lean toward the dark and quirky.

Of course I’m interested in more than just writing so I might feel compelled to put anything from sociopolitical rants to pictures of cats up here. Have patience and remember, it is my blog.

Unless you’re here to spam and troll needlessly feel free to contact me through the site’s contact page. May your journeys through these ink-stained worlds be adventurous.

– Scott Thornby